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1. How do I get started?
  • Read the HB!Affiliate's Terms & Condition.
  • To join HB!Affiliate, you must first create a member account with HeartBeat.
  • You'll immediately receive an activation of your member account.
  • Follow the instruction to activate your member account.
  • Login your member account, you will see a link [Join HB!Affiliate]
  • Fill in the HB!Affiliate registration form and upgrade your member account to
    HB!Affiliate associate.
  • Then, you will be able to gain access to HB!Affiliate account, which provides you with a fast and easy way to link to our site through the GET A CODE section.
  • Place the code on your blog/forum/newsletters to display our ad banners/links.
  • Start making money today.
2. What are the benefits of participating in the HB!Affiliate?

HB!Affiliate offers many benefits to website owners including the opportunity to generate revenue via their site, easy-to-use tools to create and customize the links that work best, detailed reports to help you better understand your link performance.

3. How to earn money?

Refer friends to register : When you refer a friend to join HB!Affiliate as affiliate.
RM2 earned for qualified affiliate.
Self purchase : 20% of total purchase amount. Excluded delivery fee.
eg: If you purchase magic mug at RM40, your earning will be RM8.
Referral purchase : 15% of total purchase amount.
eg: If your referral purchases magic mug at RM40, your earning will be RM6.
Banner / text link clicks : RM0.04 per genuine click.
Only genuine clicks from unique IP address each day are counted.
Survey / Polling : RM3 for the participation in our survey or polling.
Bonus : Additional bonus will be awarded when total purchase amount of self purchase and referral purchase in a month are as below:-

more than RM300 - additional RM20.00
more than RM500 - additional RM30.00
more than RM700 - additional RM50.00

5. What can I do with my earning?

The minimum cash out amount is RM50.00. You can request to cash out and we will pay you in 1 month.

However, you can also redeem your Personalized Photo Gifts with your earning and enjoy FREE Delivery.

If you redeem our ceramic mug, we will only deduct RM25.00 from your current earning.
Delivery fee (RM7 for West Malaysia or RM12 for East Malaysia) will be waived.

To purchase our gifts with your earning, just follow the normal process of making order.
- Login your account.
- Add products into cart.
- click Check Out button.
- Update Delivery Information.
- When update Payment Information, you will see the payment with your earning as shown below.

- Choose pay by HB!Affiliate Earning, your earning will be automatically deducted.

6. Does it cost anything to join HB!Affiliate?

There is no charge to apply, and there is no minimum referral requirement or quota you must reach before making profit with our program. You start earning right away.

7. I have more than one Web site. Can I link to HeartBeat from each site?

Yes, you may participate in the HB!Affiliate through multiple Web sites, and all the
earning from different web sites are recorded in one HB!Affiliate account.

8. Can a nonprofit join the Associates Program?

Yes, we encourage nonprofits to join our program.

9. How does HeartBeat track orders coming from my Web site?

An Associate ID is assigned when you sign up HB!Affiliate through our online form.
Links from your websites to HeartBeat use a special URL format.


'2345' is your HB!Affiliate ID.
Every time a customer follows the links to our site, this ID tells us which Associate sent the customer to us.

We keep track of the Associates ID as the customer browses through our Web site, and even if they close their browser and come back later that day.

Once they have registered as our Affiliate or purchased with us, you will start making money immediately.


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